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Slides from A/1C Joe Bender

Reber-Collis-Bugar in woods


Bender-Collis-Bugar in valley 5 mi from MD


Oops! Mistake "Red" Holgrafer




Strohmeier & Brown Dancing


Strohmeier-Barr-Bender_Collis-Brown in front


Bugar Playing Ping Pong


Bender at PingPong


Collis at PingPong


Hall at top of 100ft pole


Ever Alert Reber


Hard at Work Reber


Reber hard at work

Denny Reber & Doll

Reber and Moose




Bender in Shop


Bender w/snowball - Reber w/Camera


Ever Alert Bender


Bender Room Ready for Inspection


New FPS-8 Bubble at MD


Snow-More snow


Snow Covered Hills


Snow Covered Hills 2


Snow Covered Hills 3


Snow Covered Hills 4


Plenty of Snow


Knocking snow off pt to pt antennas


Knocking snow off antennas


Snow falling from pole


Transmitter Shop Snowed in


Fire Aug 1958


Fire Aug 1958 2


Scene from MD after Fire Aug 58


Landscape after fire Aug 58


MD sky


MD site


MD Sunset


Sunrise at MD


Summer Scene


USO Show at MD 1


USO Show at MD Nadine Thompson


USO Show at MD The Three Guys


USO Show at MD Barbara Whiting


USO Show at MD April Ames


USO Troop 1


USO Troop 2


Alaskan Air Command Hdqtrs Elmendorf AFB